1. Where will the performances take place?
  2. What will happen if it rains?
  3. Are the seats numbered?
  4. Will there be places for wheelchair users within the inner courtyard?
  5. Is there a discount for over 65s, children, students, or people accompanying wheelchair users?
  6. Will a translation be provided?
  7. How long are the performances?
  8. What will happen if I arrive late?
  9. Have I got good seats?
  10. Can I take photos?
  11. Are the children’s performances for children only?
  12. What is the minimum age for attending the children’s opera?
  13. Do I get a refund if I decide not to come?
  14. Can I change the tickets I reserved and paid to another day?
  15. Where can I park my car?
  16. Is it possible to purchase a drink before the performance, during the interval and after the performance?
  17. At what time do the doors to the inner courtyard open?