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La Storia di Gianni Schicchi

The story of a greedy family losing out on an inheritance.
An opera full of tragedy, comedy and romance
A musical highlight at the Land Commandery Alden Biesen.


Gianni Schicchi is a masterpiece by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini.  After his death, Buoso Donati leaves his entire estate to a monastic order, much against the wishes of his entire family.  Since his death had not yet been announced, neighbour Gianni Schicchi takes his place and dictates another will to the notary. He pulls the strings and misleads the true heirs.

Summer Opera extends this opera with a musical prelude: while the motley opera company gets ready for the performance, you are introduced to the characters and their roles in this family saga. After all, it’s a big family, as many as 13 internationally renowned soloists are on stage, accompanied by the Summer Opera Orchestra.

La storia di Gianni Schicchi is a new Summer Opera production directed by Damon Nestor Ploumis and under the musical direction of Federico Santi.

There is a double cast for the roles of Lauretta and Rinuccio.

Performances with Emma Posman and Adrian Autard on May 26 and 28 and June 1-3-8-10-16-18-21-23.

Performances with Fiammetta Tofoni and Aaron J. Mc Innis on May 27 and 31 and June 2-4-7-9-11-15-17-20-22.

Dates of the Performances

26/05 20h30
Premiere for invited guests
27/05 20h30 UITVERKOCHT
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
31/05 20h30 UITVERKOCHT
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
01/06 20h30
Performance for Sponsors
02/06 20h30
Performance for Sponsors
03/06 20h30
Performance for Sponsors
Exclusively for Cera-partners
06/06 20h30
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
07/06 20h30
Performance for Sponsors
08/06 20h30 UITVERKOCHT
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
09/06 20h30
Public performance
10/06 20h30
Public performance
11/06 15h
Public performance
14/06 20h30
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
15/06 20h30
Public performance
16/06 20h30
Public performance
17/06 20h30
Public performance
18/06 15h
Public performance
20/06 20h30
Exclusively for NEOS members
21/06 20h30
Public performance
22/06 20h30
Public performance
23/06 20h30
Public performance

The evening performance starts at 20:30, and the matinée at 15:00.
The performance will last 95 minutes.
There will be no intermission. Italian libretto with surtitles in Dutch.
New seating arrangement with ample legroom and excellent views of the stage from all seats.
The chairs are numbered.
The courtyard is outdoors, but four giant umbrellas will provide protection from the rain.
We recommend dressing weather-appropriately.
A blanket or an extra jumper would be recommended.
Online ticket sales start on 1 March 2023.
Price per ticket €48.
Administration fee per booking: €2.
Postage for physical tickets: €2.

Seating plan 2023.


Start ticket sales 01 March 2023


Creative Team:
Damon Nestor Ploumis

Stage director

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Marnik Baert

Set design

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Davy Boutsen

Light design

Hanne Geerts


Damon Nestor Ploumis

Gianni Schicchi

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Emma Posman


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Fiammetta Tofoni


Adrian Autard


Aaron J. Mc Innis


Lien Haegeman


Fabrice Pillet


Karen Vermeiren


+ info

Emilio Marcucci

Betto di Signa

+ info

Piet Vansichen


Koen van Agtmael


Tineke Van Ingelgem

La Ciesca

+ info

Sophie Collin


+ info

Kyle Bejnerowicz

Spinellocio & Ser Amantio

Frans Novak

Pinellino & Guccio

Summer Opera Orchestra