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Children's opera La Traviata 2024

In Alfredo's world there is always a party. Lonely Violetta would love to join in the celebration, but is only allowed in if she wears the right outfit and has mastered the swinging dance moves. Once the party is at its peak and everyone is on the dance floor in a daze, the masks fall off. The constant revelry turns out to take a lot of effort and does not last forever, and Violetta also has to reveal her secret: she is ill. Can Alfredo and Violetta be happy together?

Opera Caramba! makes a child-friendly version of “La Traviata” in co-production with Zomeropera Alden Biesen. Children aged 6 to 10 come into contact with Verdi's most famous opera in an accessible way, are encouraged to sing along and dance, and may even know some Italian when they go outside...

A catchy performance full of music, rhythm and romance with piano accompaniment.

TARGET AUDIENCE: small and large children from 6 to 99 years old.

Data & Location

08/06 14h
Public performance
08/06 16h
Public performance
09/06 11h
Public performance
10/06 11h
Performance for schools
10/06 13h30
Performance for schools
11/06 11h
Performance for schools
11/06 13h30
Performance for schools

The performance takes place at the riding school on the grounds of the Grande Commanderie Alden Biesen.
Length of performance: approximately 45 minutes, without intermission.
Dialogues in Dutch, sung in Italian.
There are 160 unnumbered places.

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Online ticket sales begin March 1, 2024.

Price per ticket: €15.00.
Administration fee per reservation: €2.00.
Shipping costs if you choose to send by post: €2.00


Start ticket sales 01 March 2024


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Creatives & Cast:

Tineke Van Ingelgem


Jens Platteau

Concept &
Roy Bizon

Kris Belligh

Musical arrangements

Jolien De Gendt


Lisa De Rijcke


Lucas Cortoos


Ann Joly

Piano &

Hendrik Vandeput

Piano &

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