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La Traviata

With La Traviata, Alden Biesen Zomeropera will perform in 2024 one of Verdi's most popular works.
In a brand new production, the main character Violetta transforms from a celebrated courtesan from the 19th century to a world-famous pop star of today.
With a fresh look at the well-known story, the audience gains insight into the fascinating life of a star, through the highs and lows in a world of endless possibilities and pitfalls, in which Violetta and her entourage try to survive.
Verdi's compelling musical masterpiece of fame, fortune and impossible choices is brought to life in an exciting direction by Noa Naamat, with a top cast, the Zomeropera choir and orchestra under the musical direction of Enrico Delamboye.
An opera experience not to be missed in the unique setting of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen.

The roles of Violetta, Alfredo and Giorgio Germont are double casted.

Maartje Rammeloo, Aaron Mc Innis en Quirijn de Lang will perform on May 24-26-30 and June 1-6-8-12-14-19 and 21.

Morgane Heyse, Denzil Delaere en Koen van Agtmael will perform on May 25-29-31 and June 2-7-9-13-15-18 and 20.


Enrico Delamboye will conduct the performances On May 29, 30 and 31 and on June 1, 9,12, 13, 14, 15 and 21.
Lochlan Brown will conduct the performances on May 24, 25 and 26 and on June 2, 6, 7, 8, 18, 19 and 20.

Dates of the Performances

24/05 20h30
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
25/05 20h30
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
26/05 15h
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
29/05 20h30
Premiere for invited guests
30/05 20h30
Premiere for invited guests
31/05 20h30
Premiere for invited guests
01/06 20h30
Exclusively for invited guests
02/06 15h
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
06/06 20h30
Sponsor & public performance
07/06 20h30
Exclusively for Cera-partners.
08/06 20h30
Public performance
09/06 15h
Public performance
12/06 20h30
Public performance
13/06 20h30
Public performance
14/06 20h30
Public performance
15/06 20h30
Public performance
18/06 20h30
Exclusief voor NEOS leden
19/06 20h30
Public performance
20/06 20h30
21/06 20h30
Public performance

Start of the evening performance: 8:30 PM, the afternoon performance: 3:00 PM.
Duration of the performance: 110 minutes. There is no break.
Libretto in Italian, surtitles in Dutch.
Ascending grandstand with 527 new seats, numbered places.
The courtyard is open air but offers shelter from the rain by the 4 gigantic umbrellas.
We recommend that you dress according to the weather conditions.
A blanket or an extra sweater is not an unnecessary luxury.
Start online ticket sales on March 1, 2024.
Price per ticket category 1: €52.00, category 2: €46.00.
Administration costs per reservation: €2.00.
Shipping costs if you choose shipping by post: €2.00.

Seating plan 2024.


Ticket sales start
March 1 at 9am.
For Cera partners
from March 11 at 11am
via www.cera. coop/ceraselect


Creative Team:
Enrico Delamboye

Musical direction &

Lochlan Brown


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Noa Naamat


+ info

Bettina John

Decor en kostuums

+ info

Davy Boutsen

Light design

Maartje Rammeloo


+ info

Morgane Heyse


+ info

Denzil Delaere


Aaron Mc Innis


Quirijn de Lang

Giorgio Germont

+ info

Koen van Agtmael

Giorgio Germont

Lien Haegeman


Lotte Verstaen


Pascal Pittie


Piet Vansichen

Dottore Grenvil

Kris Belligh

Barone Douphol

+ info

Lucas Cortoos

Marchese D‘Obigny

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Summer Opera Orchestra and choir